Caspian Journal of Scientometrics- Aims& Scopes
Aims & Scope

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The purpose of Caspian Journal of Scientometrics is reflecting the most valuable and latest findings in the field of science measurement in Iran and international levels.
The Journal aims to provide a platform for scientific exchange in the field of scientometrics and scientific cooperation between national and international researchers in the field of scientometrics.
So, This journal is ready to accept scholarly articles in the following areas:
-Bibliometrics, scientometrics, informatization, and webometrics
-Indicators and policies of science and technology
-Educational and Research Institute Ranking Indicators
-Citation analysis
-Ethical indicators of scientific production
-Localization of Scientometric Indicators
-promote science
-Centers and Institutes of Science Measurement
-Scientific Networks
-New research in the field of  library and information Medical Science, Knowledge and Information Science

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